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Tamper Evident Key Envelopes – Permanent Peel & Seal Closure

  • Both assigned keys are placed in this Tamper Evident Envelope
  • Customer leasing the box must sign the receipt on tamper evident envelope to receive the keys
  • Obvious signs when envelope has been opened
  • 3″ x 3-1/2″ with Permanent Peel & Seal Closure
  • Made from heavyweight 140# Manila Index
  • Bank Or Credit Union Name and Address imprinted in black ink at no extra charge
  • Quick 1-2 week delivery!


Tamper Evident Key Envelopes with Permanent Peel & Seal Closure are the best on the market.  Removing the old snap fastener reduces shipping time due to supply chain delays.  The Peel & Seal Closure means less bulk for smaller packaging, less storage space, and lower weight for shipping.  Warehouse footprint can be reduced almost 40%!  Peel & Seal Closure is the same used on many #10 & padded envelopes used by the millions every day!

Banks & Credit Unions love the NEW Permanent Peel & Seal Closure on these Tamper Evident Key Envelopes!  The seal is instantly permanent and will last until the envelope is opened.  It will show signs of obvious tampering such as torn paper and a bent flap.  Your Safe Deposit Box Customers will be comforted knowing the keys to their box have been secure in your vaults before rental.

Made from the same 150# Manila tag as always, these can be custom imprinted with your financial institutions name and location.   There are many different imprint styles to choose from if your needs differ from the standard.  Our talented Art Department can also work with you to customize the entire imprint, front & back!

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