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Reusable Vault Key Envelopes with Latex Gum Closure

Reusable Latex Gum is the method of closure we have chosen to replace the old metal fastener on our Reusable Vault Key Envelopes. We know the snaps are tried & true, but overseas manufacturing and delivery has changed quite a bit since the pandemic. It became such a pain point for our customers, that we were inspired – and we found a fantastic alternative!

Reusable Vault Key Envelopes with Latex Gum Closure

Our Reusable Latex Gum closure is similar to what you’d find on a Drive-up Teller Cash Envelope. The flap will stay closed just as well as before, and Safe Deposit Box Keys can be used and placed back inside the envelope for safe keeping until the next use. Bank and Credit Union customers won’t mind the difference at all.

In fact, we’ve gotten MANY compliments about the new envelopes! Some people choose to keep their Vault Key Envelopes with them at all times. Removing the snap created a much flatter envelope. Purses and wallets will barely even notice there is something wrapped around that Safe Deposit Box Key. They are much more comfortable to carry and there is no metal snap to get caught on anything – from papers, to credit cards, to fingernails! We’ve been making these envelopes for almost 100 years, and we have heard it all!

A common concern regarding Reusable Latex Gum is shelf life. We’ve found that our test batch of envelopes is still going strong after THREE years! We made our first batch way back in early 2021, as we researched all of our new closures. These have been stored at room temperature in an office environment, but there has been no degradation or drying out of the Reusable Latex Gum to date. We’ll keep checking, but we’re confident you’ll be ready to reorder long before you need to worry about it.

Many banks have requested alternative closures over the years, and now they are here! We know you’ll love our new Safe Deposit Box Reusable Vault Key Envelopes as much as every other customer who has made the switch. 70% of our customers have been able to experience the lightning fast custom order experience! We ship custom envelopes now in less than two weeks, more often than not, small orders are out in JUST 1 WEEK! If you’re really in a rush, ask us about Next Day Custom Orders – our new process and machinery will often enable us to satisfy the most urgent of requests.

Still not convinced? Click here to request samples of all three of our NEW Veriflex Envelopes.