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Reusable Vault Key Envelopes with Latex Gum Closure

Reusable Latex Gum is the method of closure we have chosen to replace the old metal fastener on our Reusable Vault Key Envelopes. We know the snaps are tried & true, but overseas manufacturing and delivery has changed quite a bit since the pandemic. It became such a pain point for our customers, that we were inspired – and we found a fantastic alternative!

Reusable Vault Key Envelopes with Latex Gum Closure

Our Reusable Latex Gum closure is similar to what you’d find on a Drive-up Teller Cash Envelope. The flap will stay closed just as well as before, and Safe Deposit Box Keys can be used and placed back inside the envelope for safe keeping until the next use. Bank and Credit Union customers won’t mind the difference at all.

In fact, we’ve gotten MANY compliments about the new envelopes! Some people choose to keep their Vault Key Envelopes with them at all times. Removing the snap created a much flatter envelope. Purses and wallets will barely even notice there is something wrapped around that Safe Deposit Box Key. They are much more comfortable to carry and there is no metal snap to get caught on anything – from papers, to credit cards, to fingernails! We’ve been making these envelopes for almost 100 years, and we have heard it all!

A common concern regarding Reusable Latex Gum is shelf life. We’ve found that our test batch of envelopes is still going strong after THREE years! We made our first batch way back in early 2021, as we researched all of our new closures. These have been stored at room temperature in an office environment, but there has been no degradation or drying out of the Reusable Latex Gum to date. We’ll keep checking, but we’re confident you’ll be ready to reorder long before you need to worry about it.

Many banks have requested alternative closures over the years, and now they are here! We know you’ll love our new Safe Deposit Box Reusable Vault Key Envelopes as much as every other customer who has made the switch. 70% of our customers have been able to experience the lightning fast custom order experience! We ship custom envelopes now in less than two weeks, more often than not, small orders are out in JUST 1 WEEK! If you’re really in a rush, ask us about Next Day Custom Orders – our new process and machinery will often enable us to satisfy the most urgent of requests.

Still not convinced? Click here to request samples of all three of our NEW Veriflex Envelopes.

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Vault Key Envelopes & Tamper Evident Key Envelopes: Streamlining the Production Process

What was the number one request from our customers in a recent survey? Reduce production time.

We have always known our customers want their orders quickly, and we’ll agree, you have always had to wait longer than any of us wanted to get your Safe Deposit Box Vault Key Envelopes & Tamper Evident Locking Key Envelopes.

Our production process has always started with large sheets of paper cut to size followed by preprinting these cut sheets with your custom imprint. After making their way through the die-cutting process, our custom designed envelope converting machinery would come on line. Making such small speciality envelopes, with heavy 14pt Cardstock, means slower machines to accurately manufacture to our exacting specifications. Snap placement, folding, and glueing are all handled on these machines.

Millions of envelopes per year have been produced for Banks and Credit Unions, all with a metal snap fastener that, in it’s current version, dates back to the 1930s! These snaps have always been reliably sourced – until 2020 and the COVID epidemic. Even with employee absences and paper delays, which for the most part went away (sadly, green paper is no longer available in the style we need), the production delays on the snaps have still not subsided. As many of you know, we often have jobs printed and waiting to be put onto our machines – and no snaps! Of course, this has only made our production times longer than ever before! E. Greene & Company chose not to sit idly by and let our customers remain frustrated by the slow service. We began research and development of replacement products. Products that would allow for the same reliability and security our customers have come to know and trust.

Enter our New Veriflex Snap-Free Envelopes! Our entire process has changed with these new envelopes and our quick turnaround is unmatched. Custom, professionally digitally imprinted envelopes are now available in as little as 1 week! No long wait, no messy stamper, and you won’t need to take a generic form to get your envelopes quickly. We’ve tested these over the last several years and they have been met with overwhelming approval!

Our Safe Deposit Box Vault Key Envelopes have been redesigned with a Reusable Latex Gum Closure. This closure is similar to the one you’d find on Drive up Teller Envelopes. It works over and over again. As always, this envelope can be custom imprinted with a Bank or Credit Union logo, address, and phone number. It’s convenience for a financial institution’s customers and also has extra space to advertise their most profitable services.

KW-R-SPV on Line

Our previous Tamper Evident Locking Key Wallets and Dual Control Locking Key Envelopes have both been replaced with a 1″ x 2¼” wide Peel & Seal Closure. These envelopes now seal the entire way across the flap versus the old snap which relied on one small point of connection. The new Peel & Seal closure is similar to the one you’ll find on millions of #10 Envelopes going through the mail on a daily basis. Tamper Evidence begins at the moment of closure and nobody will be able to open them back up without it being, well, Tamper Evident!

Obvious Signs of Tampering
Obvious Signs of Tampering

Auditors and Risk management teams at financial institutions large and small have approved these for use. Even the State of New York has reordered several times!

We know you’ll be very pleased with the new products. We only set out to provide an alternative, but the New Snap-Free Product line has taken off so quickly, that plans are in place to discontinue the antiquated snaps in the near future. Of course, you are welcome to order them until they are no longer available, however we encourage you to make the switch while our introductory pricing is still available.

Need just a little more convincing? We get it! Just fill out the Veriflex Sample Request form and we’ll get a pack out to you.

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4-Color Custom Imprints

Our new proprietary production and post printing method allows us to offer beautiful, professional, full 4-Color Custom Imprints on our products. We pride ourselves on being the only company in the industry to offer this service. Not only do we offer this option – but we can ship them so quickly, you’d think we had your imprint waiting on the shelf! You no longer need to wait months for your custom order, no manually writing your institution info, or settling for a messy unprofessional looking stamper just to have your Safe Deposit Box Vault Key Envelopes, Tamper Evident Key Envelopes, or Dual Control Key Envelopes shipped quickly.

Our talented Art Department will use your provided high quality logo, or even recreate your logo if necessary, to give you exactly what you need for your Bank or Credit Union (or any other company!) envelopes.

4-Color Custom Imprints

4-Color Custom Imprints allow us to print anything you could possibly want on your products. We can even Flood Coat the front of your envelope and match ANY PMS COLOR!

Pantone Color Book
Thousands of Colors!